Sunday, 27 March 2011

coconut flour pancakes and lemon lavender cream

good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight! i hope you are all feeling fabulous and looking forward to this coming week...

the last few days have been awesome. i went to see my brother and his family on thursday, he's just come back from 5 weeks in Norway on training, so it was great to see him again. then on friday we celebrated swedish waffle day with our good friends, the Plants - they have 3 little boys, so it was really fun to make waffles with them! we had loads of toppings on the table, from jams to compotes, greek yoghurt to dark chocolate. it was a waffle feast!

and if you are wondering what i had (given i don't eat loads of carbs any more, and certainly don't go near white flour or sugar), well, you'll just have to wait - i made a beautiful version of coconut flour waffles with banana and peanut butter in, which we've now had twice, and they are amazing - i can't wait to share the recipe with you all!

then on saturday we went to our local market and health food shop, just me and mum, to browse around what they had. we have never done this together, so it was such a pleasure to stroll around in the sunshine and decide on the perfect brussel sprouts and the best purple sprouting broccoli.

and most importantly, i've seen near perfect sugar levels over these past few days, which is a MAJOR accomplishment... yey for the primal lifestyle, dr bernstein and monsieur robbins for your sage advice!

so, now onto my latest eats and treats:

coconut flour pancakes - these are so amazing!  (recipe here - i make a half mix for 2 people)

the main ingredient - i am seriously so loving this at the moment. even though it costs £5.99 for this tiny bag, you use half the amount of any regular flour because it's twice as absorbent... so it's kind of a good deal. anyway, it enables me to eat pancakes and waffles, so i'm a happy girl!

lemon lavender cream - this is literally whipped cream with a tiny teaspoon of my friends homemade lemon and lavender jelly. this is such a joy to eat, although definitely a once in a while treat...

sardine burgers with swede fries, brussel sprout hash and broccoli. yummy! a beautiful dinner. to make the burgers blend up a tin of sardines, an egg, a spoonful of oats, fresh herbs and some pepper - but i'll hopefully experiment with making these again so i can get a better flavour, texture and appearance...

have a wonderful day! and if you haven't yet visited my type 1 diabetes blog, then please pop on over to say hello and learn some more about living with type 1 diabetes :)

currently listening to: steam heat from the pajama game - what a great movie!


  1. Love the look of those pancakes! I've just ordered some coconut flour, so I can (finally) hop on the bandwagon!

  2. These pancakes are fab! Love the idea of using coconut flour, plus the lavender cream -- wow! Love this.

  3. I have been baking a bit with coconut flour lately and really enjoying it. I don't know if you read her blog, but Ricki (Diet Dessert and Dogs) has a coconut flour biscuit recipe that is pretty darn fantastic.

    And thank you for reading my blog :) Always a pleasure to see you stop by - sorry for not commenting enough on yours. I am subscribed and always enjoy your posts :)

  4. Hmm - just pulled up Ricki's recipe. Don't know if it is low-carb enough for your preferences on account of the buckwheat - perhaps quinoa or almond flour instead?


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