Wednesday, 9 March 2011

cauliflower pizza crust and cottage porridge

so, how have you all been? thanks for the great response to my buckwheat pancake video - it was a lot of fun to create a cooking video, and i will definitely be doing more in the future; any requests, please let me know!

i've been loving the bright sunshine we've had the past few days, it's such a joy to see that spring is really  here now. and even though it's so so chilly because the sky is so clear, i don't seem to mind wrapping on an extra layer to go outside :)

cauliflower pizza crust - recipe found here - was really surprisingly good! both mum and i were really sceptical about biting into it, but it is actually tastier than a regular pizza crust - i just need to work on how i prepare the cauliflower before mixing it up as i don't have a microwave as the recipe calls for; so the crust kind of stuck to the sheet a little. but totally worth continuing to experiment with as there are no carbs!!

cottage porridge - mix together 2 tbsp prepared oat porridge, with 2 tbsp cottage cheese, half a mashed banana and a dash of cinnamon (to taste). sprinkle with flax/linseeds and enjoy! you could also add a little dried fruit, vanilla, nuts, fruit compote or honey to change it up. feel free to play around with the quantities too until you find a texture you love!

pumpkin pie without the crust or any sugar (just a little honey) - weird but pretty good with a little yoghurt or cream. it got gobbled up within a couple of hours nonetheless. how there is still so much pumpkin in the freezer i do not know!

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  1. Everything looks delicious as always, the cauli pizza crust sounds fab thanks for sharing x x x

  2. wow cauliflower pizza, what an invention! Will definitely be trying it out!


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