Saturday, 19 February 2011

of country houses and bridleways

some of you may have noticed a little change on the blog in the last couple of posts...instead of me taking the photos, it's been my little brother jonny. not only is his camera far superior, his knowledge of photography far surpasses mine. if ever i write a cookbook, he would be the one behind the lens.

so, just to embarrass him and share the beauty of our local countryside with you all, here are some of his stills from a dog walk we did on wednesday:

hope you enjoyed gazing at the english countryside as much as i enjoyed walking in it!

and a quick thank you to all my new readers on bloglovin and to my twitter followers 


  1. Those photos are so beautiful, I have always wanted to visit England, everything seems so much more beautiful there than in area of the United States where I live.

  2. Looks like a lovely day x x


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