Wednesday, 16 February 2011

looking to next season

so, it's time for a little look at what's going on in NYFW at the moment. i've been keeping my eye closely on the runway, watching every video that's released to catch a glimpse of the trends for next season.

the more seasons that pass, the more i realise how difficult it is to be unique and create something new for the runway. 'trends' are repeated constantly from season to season, and it takes an outstanding design team to really shock and surprise me.

partly it's about the whole theme, part of it's in the detailing, and another part's in the styling. fashion on the runway should always be coming up with different combinations that look both elegant and edgy.

so far this season in NY we've seen a lot of sheer, neutral, lace, leather, fur, tights, silk - things you would expect to see in a fall season catwalk. but i have yet to be completely surprised (though the brightly colored fur at Prabal Gurung may slip into the category of surprising).

someone who has combined the fall 2011 elements in an interesting way, that's very wearable and beautiful, is the following man: