Monday, 14 February 2011

cinnamon rolls and sunshine

happy valentine's day to you all!

i am happily spending the day working loads, enjoying good food and walking my puppy dog. there may also be some chocolate involved. 

this year instead of being miserable, i have chosen (yes, that's right, it is imperative to choose) to be happy and celebrate as the Finnish do by being thankful for all of my friends! i am so very grateful for all of the support i get on this here blog, and on my YT channel - it makes me smile so :)

now onto more things that make me happy:

a beautiful walk with Bruno - you can sort of see him near to the right of that massive tree, shuffling around, sniffing the grass! the sun has shone brilliantly a few days in the past fortnight, and it brings me such happiness, i can't help but smile and feel enthusiastic about everything...

plenty of homemade cinnamon rolls - there is a special technique for how i twirl mine; perhaps i'll make a video if you want. they are the most delicious and indulgent treat, which has really seen me through the winter months. and they look so pretty with pearl sugar on top, don't they?

big breakfasts. these are really the best thing ever! boiled 4 minute egg with buttered wholewheat toasted soldiers, bowl of thick greek yogurt with banana, flax and compote and a hot mug of lingonberry tea! ah, perfection.

bacon and eggs. need i say more?

roasted veg and sausages. this is the food of my ancestors, and i couldn't be more proud. 

so, wherever you are, and whatever you may be doing, i wish you all a happy friend's day! may the sun be shining with you, and may you be blessed in abundance.

currently listening to: rolling in the deep by adele

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! The eats look delicious and the nature shot makes me want to go out for a hike. :P


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