Thursday, 17 February 2011

chestnut cream and homemade digestive biscuits

as i was going to sleep one day last week i had an epiphany, chestnuts and cream. it sounds simple enough, doesn't it, but something clicked and i had to make it. fast forward a few days, and voila, here it is:

chestnut cream with homemade digestive biscuits

as soon as i finished my portion, i felt like i had discovered something so fantastically new and delicious and it was now my obligation to tell the whole world about it! to say my life has changed would be an over-statement, but it has certainly improved with chestnut cream.

by no means is this an every day sort of treat, but once or twice a year i think would be just lovely, especially if you want to show off your culinary skill at a dinner party with other foodie friends. you could also use the chestnut cream as a filling for a simple sponge, topping for a pie or cupcake, or eat a la mode with a few nice biscuits.

chestnut cream recipe
- simply whip half a tin of pureed chestnuts (about 175g, you can use the other half for a chestnut cake!) with a fork until even and light
 - whip up about 300ml of double cream with a whisk
 - add in the chestnut puree and whip in quickly until even with a little sugar or agave nectar - to taste.
 - refrigerate or serve immediately, depending on how you will serve it.

i used the whole wheat digestive biscuit recipe from Hugh FW's River Cottage Everyday cookbook. it's very simple, and they tasted way better than store bought. they are the perfect companion to a cup of tea and an episode of the West Wing!

if you wondering about the nutritional qualities of chestnut puree, then never fear, check out this awesome Chestnut PDF - they are low in calories, have no fat or cholesterol, are low GI = energy sustaining and high in vitamin C/E/B1/B2/B6/folic acid/phosphorus/potassiam and raw fibre. Beat that!

currently watching: outcasts on BBC iplayer - quite enjoyable actually, despite the bad reviews...

ps. have you seen this delicious recipe for balsamic fig spread over at fresh and foodie yet? it looks gorgeous.


  1. That sounds so delicious! I love chestnuts :-)

  2. That sounds wonderful! I've never had anything like that before.

  3. Anything that involves double cream has to be sinfully divine!


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