Friday, 4 February 2011

caramelised apples and butter bean bake

a quick round-up post for you today, with just a few of my latest eats:

swedish pea soup - (recipe here) this is the traditional thursday dish of Sweden, and it's just so tasty and nutritious i can see why - we try to have it every other week

caramelised butter apples (literally apples fried in butter and a little honey) on bircher muesli with green tea and sild / raw herring on crispbread. an excellent breakfast. also reading the tightwad gazette - a must read for anyone interested in saving money!

swedish creamy mushrooms from the jamie does cookbook, with mashed potato, swedish red cabbage and green beans. one of the best meals i've created in a long time. it was heart and warming, and perfect on such cold nights as we've been having.

butter bean bake with sild and salad. this is one of my other favorite meals of the moment, and it comes from falling cloudberries (my go-to cookbook most days). it's easy and really nutritious and good, proper soul food. i've also been deciding on how to plant the allotment organically for this year...

currently watching: are you a sugar addict by underground wellness


  1. I've heard so many good things about that falling cloudberries cookbook, I'll have to try and get it out from the Library!

  2. Ooooo loving everything here looking tasty x x


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