Tuesday, 18 January 2011

happy new year!

first let me say, happy new year everyone! this year i'll be heading off to Sydney, Australia from June to December, and i am totally looking forward to it - not quite sure what i'll be getting up to yet, but i have every faith that it will be amazing :)

so, when i went to the doctor's at the end of last year i found out my HbA1c had gone up by 0.5 which is really frustrating. i don't think i've really dealt with it yet though, which is even worse. i think i've put looking after myself on a little bit of a hold, though i'm not sure why or until when. perhaps now is as good a time as any to get back into feeling good, rather than tired and grumpy all the time... i've been back on the tudiabetes forums - which are a great help, good reading and now busier than ever.

i resolve to eat better in a more consistent way and do more exercise! and my step by step exercise plan goes something along the lines of - taking the dog for a 1hour walk each day on hilly terrain in the morning and doing pilates DVD once a week. this may not sound like much to you fitness fanatics out there, but to me, that's a lot. with taking such a hiatus from doing much exercise my energy levels are really low, and i get out of breath so quickly and my heart pounds in such a dramatic way. that's part of what happens when your levels creep up and your exercise quota depletes (yes, the two go in tandem) - and if you don't get in there quick and start exercising it is so much harder to start again, physically and mentally.

i'd love to do more swimming and also to start up running again - i loved it in my uni days and it kept my levels so wonderfully balanced.

i've been thinking about why i don't tend to do much exercise, or rely on it as a way to help control my diabetes. and i think it all stems from the way i was taught to cope with my type 1 diabetes - no doctor ever stressed the importance of exercise, or how i could benefit from it in such a massive way. i'm sure they said it of course, but it was never emphasised - they were more concerned with checking my levels frequently and making sure my insulin ratios were correct (which is important, but some practical advice wouldn't have gone amiss).

the other thing is that my family, and the culture of our society doesn't put much emphasis on exercise. it's sad but true. i know this because when i meet americans (in particular) they are so acutely aware of the importance of exercise, and each take part in sport or go to a gym. maybe it's to do with the English weather? there's not a lot of motivation to go running or cycling when it's wet! my 6 month trip down under should see me doing lots more exercise i hope.

i'd love to be one of those people who is able to decrease their insulin dependence massively and get their HbA1c to drop to the 5% margin. how amazing would that be? and really the only way that will happen is with regular routine exercise....surely.