Tuesday, 14 December 2010

homemade mince pies and secret santa

i recently took part in laura's secret santa and received my gift at the end of last week. it was absolutely brilliant! thank you to kate at embrace nutrition for such wonderful goodies, i feel totally spoiled!

i received some nairn's oatcakes (which were immediately opened and spread with butter!), a 9 bar, cashews, green tea with peppermint (absolutely divine) and my favourite - vita coco, in two different flavours!

another lunchbox photo! i really have enjoyed eating so much good veg and greens in the middle of the day. it makes my day brighter, and gives me so much energy! and bizarrely i don't ever feel hungry, as i thought i would. i suppose all the mince pie eating and copious amounts of food at various Christmas parties are keeping me full most of the time anyway!

although the snow has now melted, i adore this picture i took last week of my brother and little Bruno the puppy. they both enjoyed playing in the snow, and Bruno especially liked getting his face covered in it and making pawprints in the clean white crispness.

 ♥ white chocolate and cranberry cookies went into my secret santa box. we love these at Christmas in our house, they disappear very quickly though! there are so many different recipes on the web, i'm never sure where to start - when i find the ultimate recipe i will let you all know though! the key is to make sure there is a LOT of choc chunks and cranberries!

i have now officially made three batches of my healthy mince pie recipe! i edited the mincemeat recipe though, as i didn't have half the dried fruit and nuts, i used only brazilnuts and few almonds, raisins and sultanas, linseeds and sesame seeds, and added extra whisky, honey, a bit of brown sugar and one more apple. i think as long as you use lots of spice then it can't go wrong! i used the Jamie recipe for sweet shortcrust pastry - which is just perfect. with some pearl sugar on top, these are absolutely divine, melt in the mouth, not-too-sweet pastries that get gobbled quickly by everyone!

and if anyone has never understood mincemeat or mince pies, just try these and you won't be disappointed, seriously! usual shop-bought ones are far too sweet for my liking, and obliterate the tastebuds, but homemade you can keep your hand on flavours you like and adjust them to suit how sweet you want them. plus it's not too expensive to make your own, and they freeze really well too which is a bonus!

have i gone on about these enough? perhaps. but i just wanted to convey to all those who don't like mince pies that homemade taste totally different and far better, and you shouldn't dismiss them until you've made a batch :) they are a much misunderstood thing.

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  1. Those cookies are amazing! I can't wait to top my porridge with one! thanks for taking part in Secret santa - your pressie looks great!

  2. Those little mincemeat pies look so delicious! I've never had mincemeat and I'll confess..for the longest time I thought it contained meat. Which is probably why I never wanted to try it. :P But now that I know no meat's involved- I'd love to! haha

  3. YAY for snow and baking goods!
    Loved the package too, btw - you were so lucky, girl :D

  4. Ahh, I wish I'd had time to take part in the secret santa! everyone got such amazing goodies! :(

    I'm a massive homemade mince pie person! I decided not to buy any at all this year and just make my own. I love them!

  5. Fabulous selection of goodies! Those cookies and mince pies look insanely good x x


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