Monday, 13 December 2010

healthy lunchboxes and pumpkin pie

sorry for the short lapse in posting - i have been swamped with work, and Christmas prep and house decorating! no excuse I know, but such is life. so this is a short post just before i head out to work again....

my most recent eats:

asparagus salad lunchbox - i love throwing everything in my little box and mixing it with mayo, dill, olive oil and apple cider vinegar! it always seems to come out tasting great :)

more porridge - this time with some homemade (by me, of course!) marrow and ginger jam, which is really very delicious!

pumpkin pie - this was absolutely wonderful! we shared it with some of our neighbours for thanksgiving, and it went down very well. i love pumpkin pie (and squash pie, and sweet potato pie!). and this is the easiest recipe and most tasty to follow.

another lunchbox, with another favorite combo - bacon and boiled egg (which i have a new found appreciaton for) with spinach, mushroom, sweetcorn, tomato, celery and raisins.

i've just finished reading fairytale of new york - what a brilliant book! i read it pretty quickly actually, it's a bit of a holiday book, but perfect for winter i think :)

currently listening to: winter song by sara bareilles and ingrid michaelson from the hotel cafe winter album

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  1. double yes on the pie!! pumpkin is fab! i love all your meals- beautifully presented!


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