Monday, 8 November 2010

swedish cinnamon wreath and beetroot cupcakes

so, i hope you are all enjoying autumn and are excited about winter! i've been eating such same-y bland looking foods (but they all taste amazing!) - though there's no excuse for it, as winter has lots of tasty bright pink beetroot, green broccoli, orange pumpkin, purple kale, multi-colored chard - i just need to experiment a little...

onto my latest eats and treats:

my family and friends did a serious pumpkin carving session last week. 
it was my first ever pumpkin carve... 

i was absolutely inspired by the lovely artemis of tales of a junkaholic (see the post here) to create this amazing feat of artistic skill...not bad for a first attempt right? though i must admit to having help!

the new favorite dish in our household is most certainly squid, i purchase calamari whenever it's available in the store from the meat & fish counter (thank you Waitrose!) and i just adore it. it's so so so quick and really tasty too - plus it reminds me of Greece...

lamb stew. this doesn't look like much but it was the tastiest stew i've had in a long time. really i think the secret is in the stewing lamb, which i don't usually use, but lamb really does add a lot of flavour to a stew, along with bouillon (read: my trusty friend). stews are such proper English food = hearty. and homely.

another thing we've been eating plenty of is our root vegetables from the allotment - we've had plenty, and there's still loads to come. our favorite way of eating them is to make fries. peel, slice into long strips, mix with oil, salt, pepper ad picante pimenton (a serious must) and pop in the oven for half an hour. AMAZING! especially with homemade ketchup (yes i did go that far this summer when we had too many tomatoes!)

the swedish cinnamon cardamom wreath. legendary. a simple regular bread recipe but with cinnamon and cardamom powder added before shaping to give it some awesome tasty swirls. and then wreathed and sprinkled with pearl sugar. it's love. and already polished off. (ps. a green smoothie ought to balance out all the white flour right?)

avocado, trout, salad and roasted root veggies with dill mayonnaise (another in house fave)

beetroot cupcakes -which is really just the melinda messenger recipe in cupcake form. i still love these so much. and so does everyone else it seems!

i can't work out why these cooked pinker than the large cake i made? mystery. but a happy mystery. 

my brother jonny made me dinner, and wowee he can cook! buttered cabbage, beetroot beans, pearl barley and boiled egg. yum!

it was bonfire night last night in my village, which was so much fun - hopefully photos and video to come!

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  1. Wow, that an incredible pumpkin!! Dang, good job :)

    Those cupcakes sound interesting..I would have never thought to put beetroot in them! Although I bet they taste awesome!

  2. That has to be one of the most beautiful pumpkins ever!

  3. ahhh i am loving your blog. your header is SO cute!!!

  4. you did a great job on that pumpkin

    I love making wreath bread but never added cinnamon and cardamom to it, thanks for the idea

  5. wow that pumpkin looks brilliant! Fabulous job! Love your blog! I am a new follower!



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