Tuesday, 2 November 2010

my new love for green smoothies

so, some of you may have noticed a couple of green smoothies on this blog in the past (here and here) and also you might have read my review of the book green for life by victoria boutenko. but i've never actually drunk them more than once a week.

therefore, i decided to start drinking about 1 pint each day. and since starting just over a week ago I can already see improvements - my skin is clearer and my energy levels are up. wahoo! my brother is joining me in this little experiment, and he has noted the same effects also. we've also both been drinking lots of pure mineral water too - instead of tap.

another thing is that we've both really craved our green smoothies in the morning, which is something i never thought i'd say. or hear my brother say. and my sugar cravings are almost non-existent, thank goodness, because they were starting to pester me...

i filmed a little video all about green smoothies for you all to watch, it's just a little introduction, and there's loads of info out there on the internet too, of course. but here it is for all of you green monster newbies...

and for a little extra info, try out these awesome sites:
 - green smoothie challenge testimonials - these are incredibly interesting, and powerful evidence i think!
 - demo of how to make a green smoothie (by my lovely brother!)


  1. What kind of greens do you add to your smoothies? I've tried kale and spinach but wondering if other greens could work too?

  2. Thanks for getting back to me, thats been really helpful! I'm trying to get more dark leafy greens into my diet and other than spinach and kale I wasn't sure where to start! I think I'll be buying a lot of spring greens - they always seem so cheap in the shops!

  3. I crave green smoothies, too! So delicious and nutritious. They really kick start my day. Yum!!!


  4. I used to have a GM at least once a day until I noticed how expensive buying that much spinach every other day was :P They're definitely great, though!


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