Wednesday, 17 November 2010

100% coconut water and roasted brussels

hello lovely readers, i hope you are having a great day! it is raining outside my window, but i quite like the quiet peace it brings to the house: the puppy is asleep at my feet by the heater and i'm still in my pj's drinking my morning green smoothie and redbush tea. divine!

yesterday i was pretty ill from my diabetes - my sugar levels were flying all over the place, and there was one very scary low moment. but my family came to my rescue and sat me down and fed me pancakes! diabetes is only fun when you HAVE to eat pancakes at 10 at night... the rest of the day i had high sugar levels, and this is no fun at all, because it makes me feel so wretched. oh well, this morning i have had a nice lie in and my levels are balanced again.

i have been making decisions about my future these past few weeks. i have been in a bit of a conundrum about quite what to do - i have been standing at a crossroads for a long time trying to decide which way to go. but instead of choosing, i have been procrastinating. so, last week i went and spoke to my pastor, who gave me a few new options to think about, which involve more travelling! i have even sent of emails and things to try and get some cogs whirring. so, keep an eye out for future developments... i am SO excited!

onto a slightly less personal and a slightly more foodie note (although isn't food personal? hmm), i have been experimenting more with new savoury recipes, which is a stretch for me. as it's not quite my forte. however, my skin has been horrible lately, which i can only pin down to stress and more-than-usual quantities of sugar in my diet. so, i have taken steps to eliminate processed sugars and too much vegetable oil (as well as simplifying my skincare routine) - and it seems to be working so far. perhaps the secret is in the green smooothies?

here are my latest delicious treats:

roasted brussel sprouts - yum! i can't remember when i first read about these, but i know it was on the blogosphere, and that i have seen them pop up in all sorts of places since then. suffice to say, i love these and they are so simple to make!

vita coco 100% coconut water - i picked just one of these up at my local health food shop. i feel so good after drinking these, but at £1.69 for just one tiny one, i don't think these can become more regular than once in a while. if you are unsure of why you should spend so much money, watch this.

chicken and puy lentil salad - this is the perfect salad for winter as it's heart and filling and i just can't seem to get enough puy lentils, they are ridiculously good - if you've never had a pack, go out and get one now!

pancakes are almost becoming twice weekly in this house - and every time i make them i seem to use a different grain or ingredient! roll on more pumpkin pancakes, these are so yummy! and a possible Christmas day breakfast (although we are currently in negotiations on that one!!)

pearl barley, chicken, pesto, broccoli and boiled eggs. weird but filling, and good for you!

oh, well, now that was a long long post, and perhaps one of the first times i've shared more than my eating habits with you all, but oh, i hope you don't mind. i guess i think you deserve to know a little more about me!

currently listening to: like a G6 by far east movement


  1. I love roasted brussel sprouts, so much tastier than when they are just boiled or steamed. Hope all your exciting plans work out, sounds very interesting!

  2. Roasted brussels are amaazzing!

    Can't wait to see what turns you take in your life :)

  3. Found your blog through foodbuzz! Lovely little blog you have! Will keep reading for sure.


  4. Wow. If I weren't still full from dinner, I would be drooling!


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