Wednesday, 13 October 2010

kalles caviar and chocolate zucchini bread

so, it's definitely autumn here - the leaves are rustling up our driveway and i needed a hat this morning when i went for a walk with the dog. i adore autumn - it's my favorite time of year, hands down. i love the colors of the countryside, the smell of bonfires, the anticipation of Christmas and of course the delicious food that autumn has to offer!

i am eagerly awaiting bonfire night, and i'll be carving a pumpkin for the first time ever! (with hope) 

i went away last weekend to Villefranche-Sur-Mer in the south of France. it was a little mother daughter getaway and we had so much fun relaxing and eating good food. we ate plenty of seafood pizza from Maxi Pizza (my favorite pizza place in the world!) and i can never get over how tasty it is or how thin the base is. yum! the only thing was that we didn't take a camera - so no photos for you all, apart from this token iphone pic...

before holiday my skin was suffering from a serious breakout, and i realised that this coincided with eating lots of milk and yogurt (after a long stretch of not having done so when my skin was fine) and eating refined sugar again (although not loads and loads). so, i have taken dramatic steps and cut them back out of my diet, and am already seeing an improvement!

so, here's some of my latest eats:

scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast with oven dried tomatoes and dill yoghurt sauce

porridge with homemade jam, flaked almonds and linseeds (and the obligatory cinnamon, apple sauce and sultanas whilst cooking)

bacon on toast with a side of fried courgettes and carrot and cucumber salad

meatballs, carrot/cucumber salad and zucchini patties

strawberries - i just love them!

french toast - you know i have an addiction right?

homemade vegetable pie with coleslaw and beans (from my grandfather's garden!)

kalles kaviar is one of the tastes of my childhood - its made with fish eggs sure, but it's not the same as the really expensive stuff. this you can actually buy in ikea for really cheap - and it's perfect on toast. it's deliciously salty and good for you: check out this article for more nutrition info!

chocolate zucchini bread was a little experiment, because we had so much courgette waiting to be used from the allotment. and this was my second attempt, which still doesn't seem to taste quite right. if any of you have a good zucchini bread recipe (chocolate or otherwise) please let me know! i have a feeling the secret is lots of sugar, but obviously i'm trying to steer clear...

so, i'm off to bridport for another dentist appointment - i've got lots of work to be done before i can go on Denplan. apparently diabetes is not so good for your teeth...but thank goodness for fantastic dentists and local anaesthetics!

i'll hopefully be receiving my cookie exchange parcel in the post tomorrow - i can't wait! so stay tuned if you want to find out what i get (as well as what i sent!)

currently listening to: fast fuse by kasabian

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