Friday, 1 October 2010

delicious total greek yoghurt

happy october! welcome to a new month full of possibilities and opportunities to learn more and do more!

at the beginning of last month some lovely folk sent me a delivery of Total greek yoghurt to review. i was more than happy to oblige, as i've always adored the thickness of greek yoghurt, as well as it's taste, texture and versatility.

since then, i've been using it all up, and having finally finished the mountain of tubs i was sent, felt it appropriate to share with you all how i used it and what i thought of it.

firstly, there are plenty of different varieties in the range - all of which are unique, as natural as possible - no added anything, just pure cow's milk (and cream in the higher fat versions) and cultures. there's 0% and 2%, large and small tubs and a small one with a side serving of honey.

my favourite way to eat Total has got to be in bircher muesli form:

grate one apple, mix with 2 heaped tablespoons of Total greek yoghurt, 1tbsp porridge oats, a few sultanas, a sprinkle of linseeds, a squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of cinnamon. mix together and leave for 30 minutes or overnight in the fridge. enjoy with some sliced banana on top and a hot cup of tea!

the great thing about Total is that the 2% doesn't split when cooked, so it was lovely added to this tomato, courgette and chicken noodle dish.

simply pan fry some diced chicken breast in olive oil until browned. add some courgette, sliced onion, garlic and dried tomatoes (and any extra ingrediens you want: peppers, mushrooms, etc). add some torn basil leaves, and once you are sure the chicken is cooked through add in a few tablespoons of Total and mix well. serve on top of some pre-prepared buckwheat noodles and garnish with fresh basil.

the first thing i wanted to cook with it was a greek yoghurt cake that i made in primary school, but for some reason, when i attempted it, it didn't actually rise...

but fortunately i didn't give up, i persisted, and eventually i created the most delicious rose, almond and yoghurt cake that was phenomenal.

hfw's drop scones taste particularly lovely with a fat dollop of Total

another great way of eating yoghurt is as a dip. my favorite dip EVER is my grandparent's recipe - half mayonnaise, half yoghurt with heaps of fresh or dried dill and salt and pepper. perfect with salad, with chips...with anything actually!

and the last way to eat it is - straight from the tub! tasty with homemade jam (below) or sultanas and almonds. the small pots are the perfect size for dessert or an afternoon snack

i even used it on my face a couple of times! although i think natural yoghurt is probably better for that sort of thing...

all in all, i really did enjoy Total. it's really really tasty and i adore the texture tremendously. the large 2% is my absolute favorite - perfect in savoury dishes and so rich and luxurious to eat. the small one with a side of honey is runner up for my favorite as it is just perfect for breakfast with a banana and a slice of peanut butter toast.

the only thing is, i wish they did an organic version. i truly truly wish it. i've been ruined by the john robbins book, and no matter how hard i try, i can't go back to buying non-organic dairy when i'm out shopping, however much i want, lovely Total people, please consider making it organic? pretty please? and thanks for giving me the opportunity to try your lovely yoghurt!

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  1. Ahh greek yoghurt is the only yoghurt i actually like. I'll have to try this brand i don't think i've tried it before. All the photos look delicious! x

  2. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas! I only recently discovered Greek yogurt and have been using it on anything I can think of - it's like a miracle ingredient. I love the yogurt cake idea! Looks delish!


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