Tuesday, 19 October 2010

the cookie exchange!!

as some of you may know, i recently took part in tam's cookie exchange. and today they arrived at my doorstep! i was partnered with the lovely jeska of lobster and swan, and here's what she sent:

what a wonderful gift to receive in the post! it definitely brightened up my day - i couldn't stop smiling the whole time i was opening up the box!

i received some delicious chocolate and ginger biscotti, coconut and citrus cream balls and chamomile and lemongrass shortbread - wowee ♥ thank you so much jeska for such a lovely surprise!

i've never sent any freshly baked goods in the post, and i just loved the idea of doing something so creative that would make another person smile (how can you not when cookie's arrive at your door?)

so, i set about thinking about what to bake. i knew they had to be non-crumbly, tasty, interesting and beautiful. so, i did a little google search, and after much procrastination decided on baking a couple of classics i've been wanting to create for a while - chocolate pinwheels and sables (or butter biscuits).

these chocolate and hazelnut sable's were a slight edit of this delicious recipe. they came out absolutely perfectly! instead of regular flour i used a combination of buckwheat, spelt and plain. and instead of cocao nibs i just used diced dark chocolate (and no figs - although they would be delicious!) i then made a similar one with lemon juice (although zest would have been a wiser option) and chopped almonds - which were also very good!

chocolate pinwheels have been on my to do list for a while, and so, using the same basic recipe as with the sable biscuits i went about rolling them together - although it didn't go perfectly, i think they were still very tasty! next time i will try baking escapades recipe.

here's my selection of cookies that got put in a box!

i hope you enjoy looking at these cookies! and do try out the sable recipe, it is awesome.

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