Friday, 29 October 2010

autumn walks and roasted plums

hello wonderful readers! it is such a pleasure to be a part of the food blog community - i just love being more creative with my food, experimenting with new things and sharing my experiences with you all. i really value every single one of you, so thanks!

it's now properly autumn here, and getting almost wintry. i am trying to persuade my mother to buy a woodburner so that at Christmas everyone can relax and enjoy the wonderful heat it brings - but so far i don't think she's 100% convinced. currently we have a hole where our old gas fire was taken out, so something needs to go back in there soon, or we'll be very cold, eeshk!

did i tell you all how happy i am to be able to walk our new puppy each day? we go out in the morning and the afternoon, sometimes more, and it's really lovely to see england at this time of year - the colours are beautiful and there's plenty of time to think and wonder about things. i keep seeing flocks of birds riding the wind, which is just the must magical sight ever i think.

so, onto my latest eats, after a little token photo of the cutest fluffy puppy:

Bruno on a lovely walk down the lane...

chicken and mayonnaise toast with tomato watercress salad

smoked mackerel with dill yogurt mayo and a chunky fresh salad with crispy tortilla chips 

patty pan squash pie - the last of - very sad, i shall miss the fresh summery taste. but moving onto real pumpkin pie isn't such a hardship is it? although my first attempt i accidentally spilled a lot of clove in the pumpkin mixture and it tasted only of cloves, not so good (although we still ate it!)

i finally finished pride and prejudice! i promised myself that i'd read classic books in 2010, and i'm leaving it til the last minute to complete that task. but i ADORE this book, it's way more hilarious in print than any screen adaptation ever has been - and the language is so beautiful. next onto sense and sensibility = classic #2 (ps. they won't all be Jane Austen, do you have any suggestions?)

 ♥ mackerel and avocado salad - i made this for my brother, who has always been a little sceptical of my healthy eating ways (until he watched the life regenerator - aka, dan the man with the master plan - and he realised he could be toned, manly AND healthy. if you are in need of inspiration for getting healthier, then check out his YT vids!). anyways, he loved this salad - a LOT. we've been having lots of salads lately, and smoked peppered mackerel is my favourite ingredient for them - i think i've been addicted since my university days!

i really want to get into bread baking, as we eat so much in our house, that it really would be worth trying out new flavours and ingredients. my favorite ever recipe is this grandma's morning bread - which is really just perfect for breakfast with some butter and marmalade or a drizzle of honey and chopped banana. but, this week i just made a straight spelt bread using fresh yeast from the health food store, and it got some serious approval in our house!

we had some wonderful friends over for lunch the other day, and we created a slightly twisted version of a hot potato salad. it had chicken, bacon, potato, broccoli, spinach, couchillo olives and a dill mayonnaise dressing. it was fantastic!

for dessert we had one of my favorite things - roasted plums in red wine. it's really simple to do you just halve them, drizzle red wine on them and put them in the oven. to increase the flavour you can add a little knob of butter to each centre and sprinkle them lightly with brown sugar. and it tastes so good, and the smell from the oven is fantastic!

i am still loving porridge for breakfast, it's just so wonderfully warming. i throw in a few frozen wild blackberries towards the end and sprinkle on chopped almonds and flaxseeds to finish, and it's just delicious!

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  1. I've never eaten a plum (not that I can remember), but that plum recipes sounds delicious! What temp should the oven be at? I love eating organic oatmeal with cinnamon, bananas, and almonds! It tastes extra yummy during autumn and winter. xx

  2. Oh, and for classic books... I love Charles Dickens! Great Expectations is one of my favourite books. Jane Austen is brilliant too :)

  3. Your puppy is so cute. Your food looks delicious. And who can go wrong with Pride and Prejudice?

  4. Love fresh baked homemade bread!! I want to get into it, too. The only time I do is when I'm visiting home..maybe once or twice a year? It's fabulous, though..definitely deserves more baking!

    Your puppy's adorable :)


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