Friday, 17 September 2010

uniqueness and definition

some of you may know about project food blog already. but for those of you who haven't come across it yet; it's basically a fantastic opportunity for one blogger to become the next food blog star by competing in 10 challenges! so, naturally, i thought i would enter...

the first challenge is to describe what defines me and what makes this blog unique

well, i suppose, there are quite a number of things that really makes Not Just Apples different from all the other food blogs out there:

♥ firstly. me. my opinions, my ideas, my recipes, my thoughts are all over this blog, and without that NJA wouldn't be any different from any other blog. but because i believe that we are a summation of everything we've ever experienced, places we've been, people we've met; what you see written on my blog is an amalgamation of all these things.

my heritage. my food heritage is really important to me, and i believe it has had a tremendous effect on the things i cook and the way i create food. it is really my grandmothers who have been my main influence:

my paternal grandmother, Farmor (right), comes from Gothenburg in Sweden, and although she's lived in the UK for decades, her Scandinavian heritage still affects every single meal she makes. my maternal grandmother, Nanna (left, with me), is a pretty typical English home cook, who has been growing, harvesting, foraging and cooking her own produce since she was a little girl. they've made me passionate about good, 'proper' food that's clean and unadulterated - 

my personal history. if there's one thing that changed the way i eat it's this. when i was 11 i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. and ever since then i've been trying hard to find delicious ways of eating food that supports my body instead of fighting it, this means trying out lots of low GI foods and baking with little or no sugar. 

my travels. i have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to many different destinations in my lifetime, and each place is always marked by a particularly amazing dish, food or meal i had whilst i was there; french toast on manly bay, moussaka in folegandros, seafood pizza in villefranche sur mer. i look forward to trying out new things, and then experimenting with them when i get home - even though not all my recreations are right first time, i keep trying!

my youtube channel. i've had a Youtube channel now for a while, and have an amazing group of subscribers who watch all sorts of videos, all of which are aimed at promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle. some of the videos i've created are: what's in my fridge, nut milk for beautiful skin, summer breakfast recipe and a swedish feast.

my allotment. i've been growing my own food for a short while now. and finding different ways of preparing all the produce has been a lot of fun! it's been one of the most rewarding things i've done, and it's so interesting to see something from seed to table - who knew how jurassic a courgette plant looks, and how short the bean season is? it has given me a new appreciation for fresh, local and seasonal produce. so much so, i've even started foraging wild foods.

my format. each writer has their own preferred way of sharing information, and i've always strived on this blog to have beautiful photographs mixed with interesting text. i never wanted each post to be a recipe, instead i wanted to share more of what i actually eat on a daily basis, as well as reviews on cookbooks, shows and products. 

this blog is a fantastic journal (of sorts) to me. and getting involved with the food blogging community has been a brilliant source of inspiration too - in terms of health as well as trying new recipes - which often seem to go hand in hand in food blog land. 

it would be wonderful, my lovely readers, if you would vote for my blog this coming Monday 20th September - i'll give you more details on how to do that when voting opens, but you should just be able to click on the link that reads 'see my profile' and go from there...

hope your day is wonderful!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your life. I look forward to reading more. I will be posting my project food buzz entry tomorrow. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  2. I have enjoyed my first visit to your blog. I agree, I think you have a great cooking heritage; your grandmother was the first gourmet cook that I met! Good luck, and I look forward to reading more.

  3. I loved your post! We have a lot of similarities, and I am so happy to have PFB to enhance me being able to check out other foodies stuff. Loved the post, and will be giving you a vote!
    Check out my page, and, if you like what you see, maybe you can return the favor!
    Best of luck!!

  4. i like your blog philosophy and that you just put yourself out there. i also love that you grown a lot of your own food, and go foraging. its pretty incredible.

    you've got my vote. definitely a unique food blog :) love it.

  5. You have a lovely blog and well stated philosophy. I'll have to take a look at your YouTube channel. Good luck to you in this project! You've got my vote :)

  6. After receiving your sweet comment on my blog - I had to come check out Not Just Apples. What a cute blog, and I was so interested to read your story about your food heritage and your travels. I just voted for you - good luck!

  7. I enjoyed your post and it allowed me to get to know you better as a blogger. Love your photos too. Good luck! You've got my vote!

  8. Hooray for Grandmothers! Lovely post, you've definitely got my vote....

  9. What a great post for the contest! I'm heading over to vote for you now and will definitely be a frequent visitor of your blog!


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