Saturday, 4 September 2010

patty pan squash adventures

one of the weird and wonderful things that has grown in our allotment this summer is patty pan squash. i had never heard of it before my grandmother gave us a little plant to put into the ground this spring. i adore squash and pumpkin throughout the winter, so the idea of a summer variety was fantastic!

♥ they look like little bright yellow bells with scalloped edges. i think they are a lovely shape. you can not eat the stems or the seeds, but the skin is edible once cooked.

♥ the first way we ate these fantastic squashes was to oven roast them, which is simple to do, but does not fully compliment the flavour of the vegetable. so our next way to cook it was to make a patty pan squash and basil soup recipe. de-seed and chop up the squash, fry gently in butter, with one onion and a clove of garlic. add some stock, simmer for 10-15 mins and then blend with an electric blender, adding several sprigs of fresh basil to the mix. served with hot buttered toast, this is a wonderful summer soup, and perfect for freezing to have in the winter too.

♥ the sweet and light flavour of these squashes made me want to experiment a little, and so i turned a standard pumpkin pie recipe into a sort of patty pan squash pie (which tasted a little like an English egg custard tart!). These miniature ones were lovely, and just perfectly portioned. Be careful to squeeze out excess juice from the squash so the pie filling is quite dense and sets well.

the other fantastic thing about this vegetable is that it's been spectacularly easy to grow. with lots of water to encourage it to establish roots well, they have flourished since then in much the same way as a courgette (zucchini)

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  1. i think its great that you make your won food and im sure it tastes so much better then anything you can get in the supermarkets thanks for sharing


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