Monday, 9 August 2010

the obsession continues

back last november i posted about my love for the brand toast and although i still don't actually own anything from their collection, i remain an avid admirer of it. and hope with all my heart that one day i won't see it as too expensive (although they did have a huge archive sale recently, which was affordable - although hardly anything to be found in my size, congrats to Topshop who figured that searching by size in a sale was much more pleasurable - i had spent all of my clothes budget in Paris!)

well, i receive the toast updates, which arrive in my inbox about once a week (i highly recommend these, as they'll alert you of the sales and new collections in good time)...and this week i received one about their new video that highlights their autumn / winter 2010 line. and oh my word, it's so beautiful. keep your eyes peeled for the red legwarmers and cream jumper combo in the snow - it's such perfect winter wear: cosy, fitted, muted deep colours, messy blonde hair pinned to one side - undone elegance and just proper british glamour in the most perfect way...

and so the obsession continues - maybe next year i'll save up for one of their amazing coats or a paid of ochre drop earrings, or a shirtdress, or maybe some of their jam!