Tuesday, 31 August 2010

parsley tabbouleh and crème brûlée

there is nothing quite like lunch in the Tuilerie Gardens! on my birthday morning we went to the organic farmer's market in Paris on Boulevard Raspail (perhaps my favourite thing we did in Paris?) and picked up a few things for lunch which we took over to the Tuileries:

♥ mixed salad with parsley tabbouleh and greek salad

the largest blueberries i've ever seen! we had these for our Tuilerie dessert...

despite most normal people heading out for breakfast when they are on holiday, i prefer to cook mine - mushroom scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. divine.

i'd never tried kefir before. and after hearing about it in so many places, i thought i would give it a shot. it is actually pretty good, but perhaps not worth it for the pricetag.

when you're in paris, in an organic supermarche, what do you need to get from the bread counter? a wholemeal french stick!

during one of our days out, we went to galeries lafayette (ok, well we actually went a few times! - the shoe lounge is awesome) and we headed up to the cafe there. definitely worth a visit, because the food is incredible, a proper smorgasbord of deliciousness!

we also went to Printemps, which is just next door to Galeries Lafayette. we had heard that they had the BEST hot chocolate in Paris, and so we needed to find out if this was true! and i'm happy to say that it was. not only do you sit in this glorious room with a fantastic ceiling (see the reflection in the photo?) with smartly dressed waiters and an atmosphere of pure vintage sophistication, but the hot chocolate was like pure melted chocolate, it was thick and smooth and fantastic. if i recommend you do ONE thing in Paris, go to Printemps and get a hot chocolate!

♥ crème brûlée - which my mother ordered at every restaurant during the afternoon, and i proceeded to take a bite of every time. parisian's certainly know how to make a good crème brûlée! (can i please blame Amélie for such indulgence?)

and there you have it - our french food adventures! ps. my little brother just started a blog - please go and show your support by leaving him a nice comment at keeping-adventurous.blogspot.com/

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  1. That creme brulee looks devine! I love Amelie, one of my favourite films. Your time in Paris looks so wonderful and that food sounds like heaven on a plate x

  2. that crème brûlée looks so so so so good!

  3. Oh là là, does this look good, can't wait to go to Paris:)


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