Saturday, 28 August 2010

fresh figs and parisian patisseries

ok, so during july i went to Paris for a week, and i'm finally getting round to posting the pictures of foods i ate! we were staying in an apartment in the montparnasse region, and so i was able to cook and concoct delicious salads whenever i felt peckish.

delicious desserts from a patisserie - the first port of call when we landed...

♥ there are so many delicious and amazing food shops in the montparnasse, including a couple of organic stores too! i went a little crazy choosing lots of beautiful looking food :)

tortellini with goats cheese and parsley salad

♥ these were phenomenal. PHENOMENAL.

in france they sell lots of pre-prepared frozen vegetable dishes, which we like to eat as mains because they are so yummy! with some avocado, cherry tomatoes and fresh bread, wow!

i saw these in the fruit and veg shop and couldn't resist - i've never seen almonds sold raw anywhere, so i jumped on the chance to discover what they tasted like

proper french breakfast with sliced apple, pain aux raisins and a cup of green tea

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  1. Everything looks fabulous! I've just tried my first fresh fig today and it was amazing. Love decode by Paramore too! x


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