Saturday, 3 July 2010

first food from the allotment

some of you might know that we have an allotment, we got it in april and have been busy at work on it since then. it's really satisfying working so closely with all sorts of different fruits and vegetables, recognising what they are and learning more about how to nurture them.

i didn't know i was such a gardener until i tried it, but i love it - watering, weeding, planting, digging - it's a form of productive exercise, which is awesome. you work all your muscles and at the end of it you get to eat a few sugar snap peas, strawberries or some courgette when you get home. what could be better!

our little plot has produced quite the crop:

♥ home grown strawberries - we didn't get a huge crop this year, not sure if we'll get any more...but the ones we ate were really tasty!

♥ allotment potatoes - this was what we got from two plants, not bad for our first attempt at growing them. they make awesome potato salad, and are great boiled and covered in butter

courgettes have been the best thing we've grown, i think, they grow so quickly and easily and there's always more the next day - i love them!

greens have been the most frustrating thing to grow, but only because they grow so fast! we planted out a box full of mixed leaves, spinach and chard, and soon enough they all grew too quickly and got so large they were very bitter. we'll try again with fewer leaves planted out, and see how it goes...

gooseberries - this was our lot from our little bush this year, minus a few we nibbled on the way home. not bad.

we've also had a few sugar snap peas, french beans, 1 beetroot, 1 carrot, 1 purple carrot and there are loads of very pretty sweet pea flowers in vases all around our dining room.

so far so good really. our tomatoes should be ready in a couple of weeks, and our own radishes ready in 2-3 weeks, broad beans not sure when, loganberries in a week or two (just before i head off to paris for my birthday hopefully!) and probably a couple more things i've forgotten about... we did plant a lot this year!

i hope your day is sunny and beautiful ♥

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