Friday, 28 May 2010

sweet potato and kale stir fry with a punnet of strawbs

hello to all my lovely readers!

i hope you are as excited about tomorrow as i am...the big swedish feast for foodbuzz 24x24 event is going to be awesome! i have been a baking machine for the last couple of days, and not only will i be posting plenty of photos of us eating, but i will be posting recipe and a video...

i'm just hoping for good weather, as it's england so anything is possible. if it's nice then we'll be headed for a picnic at a national trust house and gardens, but if it's looking likely to rain (the forecast says it is at the moment) then we'll be eating in our summerhouse. lots of lovely ladies are coming to the event, and i just know its going to be a hilarious time :)

lemon and ricotta spelt pancakes - these are the best! lots of love for this breakfast, and i think perhaps i'll have it this evening too...or maybe for lunch today?!

punnet of strawberries, ready to be devoured

vegetable stir fry with sweet potato and kale, covered with grated organic parmesan, mmm

salad with celery sticks, crispbread and hummus

this was a particularly yummy salad, topped with bacon and mushrooms

♥ buckwheat porridge and banana with hot lemon water - a tremendously energising breakfast, and really tasty too (you all know i don't believe in nasty tasting health food!)

currently listening to: bbc radio 1 live - because i'm guaranteed to listen to something new whilst i'm cooking all day


  1. the vegetable stir fry looks gorgeous! mmm! x

  2. I had buckwheat porridge for the first time ever today and I really enjoyed it! New to your blog but I'm loving your style - especially the cute way you lay out your pictures! What affect are you using to make them look so pretty and vintage?
    Stop by for pictures of the breakfast this post inspired me to make <3


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