Monday, 17 May 2010

stress and diabetes

i've recently had some high sugar levels, and i've been trying to work out quite why. as they don't totally seem to make sense. of course the longer your sugar level stays elevated the less sense everything seems to make, which is why it's very important to get your level down asap.

this morning i woke up with a bad level. and today was a really big day at work. rubbish. i cannot make decisions with a bad level, and get confused really easily, so going in to work was a no no. plus it's illegal to drive with a level over 15 - so i couldn't get there even if i had wanted too.

but my mum mentioned this morning just how frequently i got a bad level on a monday morning. what was it about sunday that made my levels sky rocket overnight? normall i attribute it to the amount of food i consume whilst lazing aorund the house, but yesterday was a really busy day, and i didn't really take time to do much lazing. instead i wondered whether my infusion set needed changing, but no it was only just a day and a half what was it?

it made me think about stress, and how that might affect my levels. in theory, stress makes sugar levels go higher - partly because you are less able to take care of yourself when stressed, and partly because it physically can elevate your levels. so, i wonder whether on a sunday afternoon/evening i've been stressing out too much about the week ahead. and perhaps lately i have...i don't know.

i'm definitely going to look into getting a new pump soon. and i can't wait for some hotter weather to really get my metabolism going and the absorption rates going a little faster. our english winter seems to be dragging on and on, and i'm a little concerned that we might only get a few weeks of warm weather before it turns cold and wet again.

i suppose i wondered if any of you (my lovely readers♥) have ever noticed stress affecting your levels? and what your experiences are? i always love to hear what you've got to say...

the only other thing i've got to say is that if quitting jobs and emigrating to australia was an option i would have done it by now...healthier food, more sunshine, connected community = better sugar levels and health all round? i think so.

plus also i've found when i'm stressed i tend to comfort eat, and now my brother's moved back home there's actually unhealthy food in the house - and i don't cope brilliantly well with temptation!