Thursday, 6 May 2010

sophie's paris mash and lemony sardines

more and more experimenting is underway in our kitchen! i decided that being stuck in a food rut is pretty boring, and so i've been attempting to work my way out of it throughout the whole year. it's given this blog some pretty unusual entries, and i've been more than happy to share with you some of the awesome taste discoveries i've made!

this week has been no exception:

lemon sardines with organic cucumber, tomatoes and red cabbage coleslaw

good morning world! banana sliced on top of oat porridge, with a good book (Your Natural Health Makeover - good so far, I'll do a review on it shortly) and a pot of green tea

ingredients for making a chopped salad - there was a big bring and share picnic last sunday, and it was only appropriate that i make a salad - it went down pretty well when it was covered with olive oil

sophie dahl's paris mash - i was totally intreagued when i got the book and saw the recipe for paris mash; an interesting lentil recipe? hmmm. well, it certainly delivered on taste and texture (my worst nightmare is crunchy or furry lentils) and it was really easy to make!

dinner fit for champions - after watching Jamie Does Stockholm on replay the other night, I decided to go all swedish and smother everything in dill and add some pickled herring to the mix also - there's nothing better than a little DIY meal!

plated up it looks delicious - and the riot of flavor was impressive, even if it didn't always go together at times - parmesan, cucumber, dill and raw fish?

happy happy deliciousness!

currently listening to: the sound of the peace and quiet of the morning in my little corner of the world

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