Thursday, 20 May 2010

skin breakouts: the causes and cures

hello lovely readers!

so, i hope this is interesting to you all, i hope that some of the information is new, and helpful to all of you. i think most people can relate to this, as almost everyone has breakouts from time to time. and if you keep getting them in the same area, then this could totally help you! if you haven't seen the skin breakouts video yet, then don't forget to check it out.

if you know the cause of your breakout, then you might just find the cure...

basically, chinese diagnosis / face mapping would highlight that a breakout in a particular area is a sign of a particular organ not functioning as well as it could. so, here is my diagram showing which areas correspond to each other:

and here's a more detailed analysis of how you can help each organ to function better:

bladder - reduce the amount of sugar you eat, increase the amount of water you drink!
digestion - cook simple, nutritional food with clean ingredients, eat green leafy vegetables before a big meal, enjoy eating whole grains, chew your food really well and take time to enjoy it with friends,
liver - reduce your consumption of processed foods, switch to 'whole' foods that are as fresh and organic as possible. check for food intolerances with your doctor, eat more fiber, try to do a mini-detox for 2 days each month where you only eat fruit and veg, take a lipotropic supplement
kidney - drink lots of water each day (about 8 glasses), try eating more blueberries, eat cleansing green foods like celery, cucumerb and asparagus, eat lots of garlic, try a calcium supplement to help support your systems
lungs - keep your immune system in top condition (by getting enough sleep, eating well and not pushing yourself too hard), get out into the fresh air to exercise and get the stagnant air in your lungs removed and refreshed
hormones - eat a diet that's low in animal products to help reset your own hormones (as the hormones of animals can affect your own)
stress - chill out, relax and adjust your lifestyle; get a massage and take regular walks (see my healthy living tips video about this particular subject) - try all sorts of things to reduce the stress on all organs of the body for maximum beauty power!

other factors that can cause breakouts:
after a facial - stimulating the skin in a different way can help to unclog your pores, and in doing so it may cause a few spots or pimples to appear
during detox - when the body detoxes it lets out the toxins through the skin, so you may experience some breakouts at this point, but it's a really good sign of great cleansing action and it reminds you to not let too many toxins in in the first place!
comedogenic products - makeup and skincare products can often cause a breakout because it upsets the PH balance of our skin by often being too acidic/alkaline, choose a mild cleansing milk to avoid disruption and opt for sensitive products and breathable mineral foundations for using every day
oily hair - change your shampoo, and use one that doesn't have comedogenic ingredients.
bad skin-touching habits - be aware of how frequently you touch your face and where, and try to stop doing it! use phones on speaker, or keep them clean to stop breakouts around your jawline
illness - boost your immune system with anti-oxidants, and drink water regularly to flush out bacteria and viruses. take time off to rest and recuperate when you are ill, in order to get your body back into it's natural rythyms quicker
diet - fresh, organic, local and delicious food eaten with friends and family is the best way. try an elimination diet if you aren't sure about the effects of a particular food or food group. raw foodists have the most amazing skin ever, and this is a true testament to the power of fruit and vegetables in causing a glowing, youthful complexion
pillowcases -  change tand wash them regularly to stop the spread of bacteria. try silk cases and anti-allergenic pillows
poor circulation (to get the glow) - get some exercise!, try eating more raw fats from avocadoes, nuts and raw olive oil on salads, add more spices to your cooking to really get that blood going, avoid smoking/smokers and drinking too much alcohol, keep your anger under check

my experiences:
i usually get spots around my chin/mouth area each month due to hormones, and the only remedy for this is lots of good exercise and eating lots of fruit and veg so they heal very quickly and don't get too red.

i used to have breakouts on my forehead, although these have ceased since i reduced the amount of dairy and increased the amount of fresh fruit and veg i am eating. and i used to get frustrating ones around my hairline, which was partly due to shampoo/conditioner (which i changed) as well as habits of touching them which spread them all around the hairline.

i sometimes get bad spots around my jawline after i've been unwell (with diabetes), which are frustrating, and take a long time to heal - because after i've been ill my immune system isn't so good at healing!

i find that my skin is at it's best when i'm exercising and sleeping well. it glows and looks really healthy! it also looks way better after a trip to spa waters (i go to Bath spa, where the natural waters are full of beneficial minerals) which must help to extract toxins and clean out the system.