Monday, 17 May 2010

samphire and smoked salmon pate

yes i know this was promised a few days ago, but i've been ridiculously busy and instead of posting i've been catching some sleep. i'm so sorry. anyway, the very very VERY exciting news that i have to share is that the wonderful Foodbuzz (check out the links in my sidebar) have chosen me to be a part of their next 24x24 event - which is taking place on the 29th of this month. i'll be creating my ultimate feast, including a video and lots of photos and recipes - which will involve lots of swedish recipes, many that i inherited from my grandmother!

i'm very excited to share this with you all, and i can't wait to practice all my recipes before the big event!

on a totally different note, here's some of the delicious things i ate last week:

bombay mix with no additives or preservatives - a tasty experience, but one that i  wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase...

asparagus and fried halloumi with cherry tomatoes - the simplest lunches are the best ones

waitrose organic spinach and mozzarella pizza - very good, very crispy, but i still got a headache

♥ honey spelt poppies- i love trying out new foods, especially when they have something to do with breakfast!

cinnamon french toast - i am loving getting back into cooking and eating this more frequently :)

organic smoked salmon pate with watercress and sundried tomato salad - another simple lunch that just hit the spot!

i saw samphire at the fish counter, and thought i'd try it out and see what it was like, and i'm glad to say it was delicious!

we ate it with some fried fish (can't remember what kind, oops) and a delicious salad

currently listening to: nothing because i have a little bit of a headache and am unwinding before going to bed...

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