Saturday, 8 May 2010

champagne risotto and honey fried bananas

more photos from a week of very delicious eating:

happy breakfast! swedish kalles caviar, sild, wholemeal english muffins, homemade yogurt with fruit compote and bananas, and a large pot of green tea...aah the perfectly blissful way to start the day!

honey fried bananas with a sprinkle of cinnamon - this is how to change up banana desserts, when all you have in the house for dessert are bananas! it was really yummy actually...literally just melted the honey in a frying pan and chopped the bananas in

honey flapjack to take up to the allotment, i love this sophie dahl recipe, i've now made this flapjack a good handful of times, and it just keeps getting better. plus, now my grandmother's tried it - and she is the ultimate tester because she used to make flapjack all the time when we were little - and she loved it!

champagne brown rice risotto

yes champagne sounds decadent, but we had a little drizzle left in the fridge, and so i thought adding it to a risotto wouldn't be such a bad idea! and i was right, it was really really good! unfortunately i had run out of short grain brown rice, and had to use basmati, but it still tasted good even if it wasn't as creamy as i would've liked! plus my 2010 recipes list has happily got another item checked off!

champagne brown rice risotto
 - gently fry some chopped white and red onion, garlic, carrot and celery
 - add in a handful (per person) of brown rice
 - after a couple of minutes add in 1 cup of hot vegetable stock and stir until absorbed
 - continue to add a few more cups of stock until absorbed, then add some champagne and cover the pan, letting gently simmer until absorbed and the rice is puffy
 - season to taste and serve sprinkled with parmesan, or a la mode

vegetable stir fry with grated parmesan and fresh salad leaves (from our salad box in the garden)

♥ oak smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast

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