Wednesday, 19 May 2010

beautiful swedish food inspiration

hi everyone! so as you may know, i will be taking part in this month's 24x24 Foodbuzz event, and for it i will be cooking some very delicious swedish food. so as part of my preparation, i've been clambering through the internet to find some tasty looking ideas, and today i stumbled upon this little gem.

kokblog - an illustrated cooking blog
it's absolutely gorgeous, and the recipes look really delicious. after struggling to find something clear, useful and interesting in the realm of Swedish food blogs, i couldn't be happier!

it's the kind of recipe blog i adore (much like cannelle et vanille) which has gorgeous images mixed with health conscious - yet indulgent - cooking, with a little European twist.

i was hooked after reading through her recipes, lots of gravlax, berries, pastries using ground almonds, and lots of exciting vegetable recipes that i wouldn't have thought of. there's some really classically swedish dishes in there, most of them with a bit of a twist which keeps things fresh.

i also really like these (you may have to use the google translate, if you don't happen to read swedish - and i don't know that many people that do!):
lineas skafferi

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  1. Thanks Alissa,
    I'm so happy my blog inspiring you! I just found you blog and this post. I will definitely come back! / Johanna


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