Tuesday, 18 May 2010

banana oiaj and organic parma ham

last weekend, as a celebration of things that have past and things yet to come, my mum and i went to bournemouth overnight. it was intended that we celebrate in some way to mark her finishing a job, and me passing a particular goal (i am now a youtube partner, wahey!) - it was spur of the moment, and it felt great to get away from home, even though it was for less than 24 hours!

bournemouth in the morning - the beach was empty and the cloud cover meant that it was pretty warm. there were plenty of people cycling, running and walking their dogs along the front, and it was beautiful to experience the peace that the ocean brings... 

a burger with red cabbage and lentil stew - particularly filling after a long day shopping in Bournemouth!

random mediterranean inspired lunch - organic parma ham, smoked salmon pate, gem lettuce, houmous, celery and cashew butter, sundried tomatoes, i love random lunches!

smoked salmon pate with olive salad and some crispbreads and fresh tomatoes

banana oiaj - although really i should have mushed up the banana and added it instead of slicing which did cause a little bit of a problem!

lunchtime salad, sprinkled with parmesan

the most amazing breakfast ever - how else are you supposed to celebrate the last day of work! a whole punnet of blueberries, lots of maple syrup drizzled over delicious pancakes, some crispy bacon and a pot of tea!

mushrooms on toast are the perfect work-from-home lunch, along with a little salad and feta stuffed olives

ah, the love of my life is back, maple pecan booja booja stuff in a tub - i can't believe i went without this for so long, and even though the price has gone up yet again, i couldn't help but purchase a tub from the health food store last week! and yes, it's all already gone - i have NO will power when it comes to this stuff...it's so ridiculously good!

a final view over bournemouth beach - i love how the water is so still, and how the light reflects in different places because of the clouds, which made it even more beautiful

preparations are well under way for my 24x24 event, and i will be testing out some of the recipes this week! i am so excited about it, i actually cannot wait!

currently listening to: i am not a robot by marina and the diamonds

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