Tuesday, 20 April 2010

vita organic london

so, when i went to london i tried out vita organic, and i am so in love with the place. it's healthy and (here's the best part) affordable!

i got a plate for £6 which you could then fill up as high as you dare with food from the buffet. though next time i go i might get some of the dishes behind the counter instead (just to try them out!) it's all organic, natural, no processed or refined anything, no meat, and little/no dairy. it's really just rather amazing! i loved how busy it was, and how many people came in to eat there.

there were several guys who came in to eat by themselves, who managed to fit a ridiculous amount on their plates...i wish i was that daring...but i did pretty well anyway! the only problem with the store is that it's pretty squished, like literally 'please can you excuse me whilst i get out' squished - although i didn't mind i think the guy that had to move kinda did. but i guess a small space helps to keep the price down, so i can't complain!

here's what i had:

and then after we had eaten there, we went across to wholefoods and each picked up a conscious bar (serious yum) and an organic sparkling elderflower drink:

how healthy and energetic were we feeling after all of this? super duper hero healthy! we literally walked around london for a good eight hours...without getting tired at all!

next time you are in london make sure you check out:
 - abercrombie and fitch = 3 male models in the entrance, need i say more?
 - anthropologie - for it's amazing quirkiness, and it's ability to make me buy something almost every time i go in
 - green park or hyde park, or actually any london park is a must see, they are quiet and peaceful and a chance to saunter instead of stride
 - harrods food hall - is insanely wonderful! there's food bars as well as counters, and basically the best quality anything you could want to eat, how fantastic (ps. the point is not necessarily to buy anything, it's more about the general visual spendour!)

i'll make sure to bring back more tips when i'm in london next!

have a lovely day!

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