Tuesday, 6 April 2010

an easter trip to the moors

it's very romantic, very isolated, very kathy and heathcliff. going to visit any sort of moors is a fantastic escape from everyday life - and exmoor this weekend was certainly that.

even though we saw snow, wind, rain and hail, we were pretty happy to be away from computers and everyday routine. towards the end of our stay when the sun started to shine, it was beautiful to be on top of exmoor looking down into the valley.

pretty picturesque, don't you think?

the only issue with the holiday was that because i wasn't cooking, i just kept on eating and eating. i think i ate enough for several people. this only goes to show how human i actually am, and shows me just how much i enjoy the process of cooking (sometimes perhaps more than the eating) - when i get bored at home or a little restless, i start cooking or find a recipe and source ingredients, but that's not so easy on holiday.

anyway, i was so glad to get away for a few days with my lovely family, and share some really amazing times and lots of laughter together. on easter sunday we each cracked open chocolate easter eggs and other gifts (i got cereal bars, dried fruit and dark choc!), went to church and spent the afternoon watching movies together and walking through sheep fields. i also started reading eating for beauty, which is super interesting, as well as a bunch of magazines about building my own home (watch this space...)

here's my latest/holiday eats:

butternut squash fries with stir fry courgettes, onion and mushroom topped with a little organic parmesan

spelt easter biscuits - these were a real winner, chewy and delicious, but i want to make a batch with agave instead of all that sugar

pear and almond torte - another recipe i need to work on a little, but it was really good, but i still think i can improve it a lot! i mixed this recipe with this recipe and this is what came out the oven...

buckwheat pancakes with raw honey and a cup of green tea

they were especially good topped with raw honey, banana and organic peanut butter

essential travel snacks - organic apricots, green and blacks organic dark chocolate and organic medjool dates

on one of the days we went into the local town with a local farmer's market and a cute wholefoods store where we picked up a few supplies (organic blackstrap molasses - i can't wait to experiment) - so lunch was divine - vegetarian wraps with watercress, spinach and rocket. plus, i got to try vita coco for the first time!! so delicious!

we love to pick up local produce, dunkery moors heather honeycomb, and organic somerset cheddar - the more you pay for cheddar, the richer it is, the less you need, the better it is for you!

on the trip i learnt a few things about food:
  1. pear and chocolate crumble is definitely on my list of things to make healthily
  2. there's no better way to start the day than hot walnut bread toast with butter, honey and chopped banana
  3. there's nothing i love more than spending ages preparing the most beautiful meal, and then eating it
  4. wholewheat vegetable pasties in lynmouth are amazing
  5. roads in the west are incredibly scary and steep
  6. local produce is the best!
ps. do you want to know a little secret? i might be heading off again very shortly...you'll have to wait to find out where and what delicious things i'll be eating!

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  1. I would love to visit the moors in England! It makes me want to read the Secret Garden now or watch the movie. That food looks so delicious. You definitely inspire me to try new things :) As a Wisconsin state native (the state is known as the Dairy State), I take pride in knowing good cheese & don't mind spending $$ on it.


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