Friday, 30 April 2010

a new look

yes, that's right, the blog has had a makeover.

i hope you like it! i've been meaning to sort out my blog for a while now, to make it look more professional, and ultimately to make it more user friendly and beautiful.

so i called in the help of the lovely arian, artist and illustrator extraordinaire! from scratch, she designed my new header, and i couldn't be happier with it...i think it looks rather chic as well as fun. she captured exactly what i asked her for...which is amazing.

arian also has an etsy store, where you can check out more of her amazing designs and purchase some of her artwork. her BeLoved prints are absolutely beautiful (and actually look a little like the swallow tattoo i want to get!)

i've also added an about me section, with a small version of my life with food and some of my philosophy too. there's also a list of the recipes i've created on this blog, and a list of the cookbooks i've reviewed so far. that way you can keep up to date, or get instant inspiration should you need it!

i'm sure that NJA will evolve further with time, but for now, i think it suits me just right.


  1. i like the new look! i want to redo mine... i also need to write more. xx

  2. Looks great! What a lovely banner. Congratulations!


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