Monday, 19 April 2010

it starts with chocolate cake

the last week has been amazing! we've started work on our new allotment, and we've already put in potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb and buckwheat. i've also potted the courgette, aubergine, beans and tomatoes! i can't wait for their little shoots to start appearing, so we can plant them outside.

plus, i've started my beginner's pilates class, which i love! so i'm really getting a lot of fresh air and exercise in ways that are productive and enjoyable.

it helps that england has been hot and sunny over the last few days...everyone is smiling and happy, and it's meant that i haven't spent so much time on my computer, which is great, as i feel a lot less stressed when i've had some time off it! i'm thinking of implementing a no-computer day on a thursday to force me into 1. being more productive on all other days and 2. getting a little perspective and rest. plus there's loads of stuff i could do on those days, reading, researching, cooking, filming, creating, walking, allotmenting. do you have a specific no-computer day?

on monday i had the most amazing shopping experience - i literally went into Waitrose, my favorite store ever, and picked up whatever i wanted and placed it in my trolley. literally, i didn't count the cost as i was going, i didn't debate whether we could or couldn't afford it, i just added it if i felt like it. yes, i know, a complete luxury extravagance, but we had extra money in our food account because we've been on holiday, and strangely enough it came to just under the amount we had in there!

the week's also been filled with exciting new recipes and different foods (actually it's been pretty decadent):

♥ i made a gluten and (mostly) dairy free chocolate cake using this recipe, for my friend Lizzie's birthday, it went down pretty well actually, even though the consistency was pretty unusual!

♥ carob oiaj - really delicious, and i had been looking forward to this for ages!

lemon and ricotta spelt pancakes from miss dahl's voluptuous delights cookbook - highly, highly recommended for their lightness of texture and perfection of flavour

kale salad (massaged kale with olive oil and organic mayonnaise, added chopped bell peppers and tomatoes) with herbed organic tofu - my first proper tofu experience, and it was really really good! i've never understoof tofu as a meat replacement (like in the shapes of burgers, bacon or hotdogs), but for it's own sake i do get it, just simple chopped block of tofu.

butter bean and vegetable stew with toast - i simple soaked some butter beans overnight, then added most of the vegetables in my fridge with them to a slow cooker, added a little red wine, spices, salt, pepper, and leave it for 24 hours to really infuse all the flavours.

honey flapjack from the sophie dahl book, (done correctly this time - this is a half mix) it was THE BEST part of my culinary week, it reminds me of my grandmother. it was sticky, sweet, crunchy and filling - plus no sugar, wheat or dairy!

mum's been asking for an avocado fan ever since we came back from france - and she received one finally! i also made a very dodgy milk-free dauphinoise with kale - that'll need some practice, even though it tasted pretty good. and we also had some pate in the fridge from the deli counter in waitrose (it was on special)

whole wheat cinnamon french toast spread with whortleberry jam - i love starting the day this way!

there's a thousand more photos to come though from last i went  up to london to catch up with one of my uni friends, and we ate out somewhere pretty amazing, that i think you'll all find pretty awesome!

have a great day! catch up with you soon...

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