Wednesday, 14 April 2010

french delicacies

we really did overdose on sweets whilst we were there, i think a last hurrah after easter before settling into a more sensible eating plan for summer! but perhaps it's just that the french desserts are far more interesting and have had a lot more time and energy put into them, and you've a pretty good shot of the baker actually having handmade them too, which makes a massive difference!

anyways, here's more photos from our delicious trip to villefranche:

tarte au citron - a lemon meringue tart in the tearooms at the rothschild villa in st jean cap ferrat

green tea with mint - a new and exciting discovery, they had this at our hotel too, but you could definitely tell the difference between the quality of both, expensive green tea tastes clean not fuzzy

the tearooms are in what was the former dinner hall (i believe) which overlooks the coast and is extremely tall and impressive, and gold.

♥ breakfast in the hotel was fairly standard, lots of sugary things, carbs and proteins. if i ever get a hotel of my own, or a b&b, i will definitely make the best breakfasts ever..! i definitely appreciate a good breakfast... do you remember the sydney french toast with bacon and banana? i pretty much think about it every other day!

♥ lunch from the bakery - goats cheese baguette and some apples (golden delicious for me, russet for mum), they really fill the baguettes in france - ours was wedged full of goats cheese, yum!

profiteroles at a local restaurant, the kind all the locals go to because it serves the food of their grandmothers, is served by their neighbours in everyday clothes and has no fancy decor. they were pretty standard profiteroles - after you've eaten the ones my mum makes, none will ever live up to it! i'm definitely thinking about trying to make some of these little bad boys

so that's all the photos i have of our trip (assuming you saw yesterday's post!), we had a really good time, and next time we go there i think we'll go out for breakfast instead of eating at the hotel...and perhaps go to the market to get paella for lunch on saturday, and probably eat more avocadoes from the local grocers, mmm.

if you've not read eat, pray, love yet, i highly recommend it. mum brought it with her on holiday, and i kept stealing it from her to catch up, it's that good! it's being made into a movie starring julia roberts too, which should be out soon, i can't wait to see it.

currently listening to: just for tonight by one night only

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