Friday, 23 April 2010

cheap natural skincare products

skincare should not be expensive.

in fact, i've been trying to stop spending so much money on products lately, instead i've been attempting to buy things only when i need them, and to make sure i really research everything i buy so that my money doesn't go to waste.

it's partly because it's way more environmentally friendly to only buy just what you need, and not have to throw out too many packages in the rubbish. plus, organic products go rancid far quicker than chemical ones, so you don't end up putting horrible smelling things on your face if you only buy what you will actually use.

here's some of the products i have spoken about in my latest video, with a bit more explanation and how tos:

  1. cleanser - i am addicted to expensive cleansers. dr hauschka cleansing milk got me on the path to organic skincare, and really showed me how much better natural products are for your skin. so, i've never really tried any other cleansers. but today i ordered some 100% pure, organic lavender cleansing milk from healing hands aromatherapy on ebay - it came to just under £6 with delivery (not sure if she delivers to the US, or Europe, but it's always worth asking!)
  2. otherwise you could use honey, milk, yoghurt, grapes, cucumber, lemon, oats, olive oil (or other light oils) or make your own cleanser - which is something i hope to do soon! some of the most beautiful women i know use straight honey to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise, and they have super clear skin.
  3. vaseline makes a great eye makeup remover, it's easy to use and it's made my lashes longer, stronger and fuller too. plus it's also kind of like an eye cream, as it leaves a moisturising residue after you take away your eye makeup. plus it's super duper cheap, and can be bought anywhere.
  4. organic hemp seed face cream is awesome! you can buy it from organic uk ebay store for £3.99 plus postage. it's a huge tube, lasts forever, and would suit loads of different skin types as it's not heavy. i recommend this to everyone i know whenever they ask about my skin (which is quite a lot!)
  5. aloe vera is awesome for the skin, if i had a plant i would use it all the time! but aloe plant extract is great too as a toner.
  6. rose water is the best recommendation for a toner, as it's way better than standard toners you buy in health stores because it's moisturising, perfect for sensitive skin, totally pure and smells divine, plus there's nothing added to it (well, make sure you buy 100% pure, and there won't be!) you shouldn't be paying more than a couple of £'s per bottle...if you are then they've added extra things into it, or put it in a super fancy package with a brand attached to it
  7. washcloths are the only exfoliator you need. when i did my makeup training, the instructor had the best skin, and he said that the reason for it was mineral makeup and no exfoliation apart from towel washcloths. anything harsher than soft washcloths is too abrasive and upsets the balance of your skin, leading to breakouts and uneven skin tone. also, they last for ages; get a couple so that you can keep washing and rotating them.
  8. french green clay - £7 for enough to last a whole year, total bargain! all you need is to mix with a little water so it becomes a paste, and then smooth it all over your face, leave to dry and rinse off (i always accidentally seem to leave a line of clay down the middle of my face!) my face always feel tight, clean and smooth after using it, just like i'd been to an expensive facialist...
  9. lucas papaw ointment - depending on which country you live in, the price will vary, but if you live in the uk check ebay for stockists (you can buy it for £6 inc deliver). my 25g tube has lasted almost a whole year! perfect for lips, but also cuts, dry patches (i think it'd be great on eczema), stings and it's really pure and soothing as well. i am in love with it ♥
  10. grapeseed oil and other carrier oils could be fantastic for both cleansing or intense-post-face-mask moisturising. choose wisely from a range of different types of oils to find one that works well for you
  11.  rio rosa mosqueta oil is such a favorite of mine. it's something i will always repurchase. it should cost you under £10 for a little bottle, but at 1/4 of the price of a facial it's 100% worth it in my opinion. i buy mine from my local health food shop, or you can get it on ebay too (in fact there seem to be loads of stockists) it should last from 6 months to 1 year depending on how often you use it; in the winter i use it very frequently but not so much in the summer months.
  12. sunscreen - bergasol bio is a french brand that i've only recently purchased, but i love - i'm a little confused about sunscreen at the moment, i think i'd rather just be outside for half an hour every day, not in midday sunshine than slather chemicals, super expensive or gloopy organic stuff all over me to roast in the sun. but for those days where it's totally necessary to be outside in the sun for long times, i just find the highest factor, thinnest running, most natural sunscreen - and that's pretty difficult. i'll keep you posted on this one.
i love naturally thinkings range of make your own products, if you hadn't noticed! you can buy things in bulk which makes it a lot cheaper...£10 for 1 whole litre of rose floral water, that is amazing!

you may also have noticed that i love ebay for buying produce, but that's because it's such a convenient way for people to sell to you, that there's lots of stuff available...and at discount, because the sellers seem to buy in bulk so they can reduce prices. but be careful to choose sellers wisely, if they don't have 100% satisfactory reviews, give them a miss.

do you like cheaper, simpler products? or do you prefer to splash out on more expensive branded products?

have a wonderful day!