Wednesday, 21 April 2010

and it ends with lemon ricotta spelt pancakes

so here's the rest of my culinary adventures of last week:

i think i ate a bowl of apples with peanut butter almost every day - it's like the best combination of salty and sweet that there ever was or will be!

herbed tofu slices on toast with hummus, salad and runner bean chutney

homemade yogurt with maple syrup, almond slices and goji berries

mum's roast dinner - my brother and his wife came over and mum was so looking forward to cooking for them, she doesn't believe in taking ages to cook something (like i do) but her food is always really tasty!

GU brownies with elmlea cream and fresh raspberries - deliciously divine and oh so naughty!

a perfect breakfast of...

bircher muesli! grated apple, yogurt, muesli, cinnamon, lemon juice - mixed together this is soo nice (even though i didn't leave mine to soak overnight)

alissa's banana split - banana, leftover cream, melted dark chocolate and raisins - it was good, and a vaguely healthier way to finish off all that cream from the day before.

when in doubt, roast some root vegetables, they will never disappoint, and serve it with a tofu salad for a little bit of protein

and if you're still hungy at the end of any day, whip up some lemon and ricotta spelt pancakes to satisfy your stomach (especially after a long day at the allotment!)

i'm hoping to get a book review done for you all soon...and perhaps even a recipe or two!

have a great day!

currently listening to: i gotta feeling by the black eyed peas

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