Wednesday, 10 March 2010

waxing questions answered

so here's some answers to some questions, plus a few tips for you all when it comes to waxing:

"i decided to wax my underarms myself i applied cold wax there and kept a cloth on it and tried to yank it in the opposite direction....oo its too scary and too painful but the hair didnt come out with the underarm hair is about an inch long...shud i trim the hair before waxing..and also what type of cloth shud i use for waxing plz help"

- when it comes to waxing underarm hair, what you want to do is make sure that the hair is no more than one centimetre long, or the wax won't be able to grip the whole hair, which it must be able to do in order to pull it out from the root properly. so, i would recommend you wax your underarm hair every few weeks, as soon as they are about 1/2 cm they should be ok to wax. if you continue to wax at these intervals, not only should you see a reduction in the amount of hair that grows back, but you won't then have the problem of pre-trimming the hair.

i personally wax my underarms almost every month. i use some cheap cold wax strips from Tesco, it's important to get the mini strips so that you can be specific about where you place the strips and in what direction you pull, as underarm hair tends to grow in different directions. if you are at all concerned about what it should feel like, then go and have them done professionally, it's not always that much more expensive than doing them yourself at home, and it's more of a treat to yourself too! - that's how i started anyway, until i felt like i was able to do it well myself, and then i learned how to do it with hot wax (for a longer lasting treatment) on my course: although i would never do that to myself as it's far too messy.

what waxing product do you use? :)

for my underarms i use the cheap mini cold wax strips (as mentioned above), for my legs i use either large cold wax strips by Veet or go to my local salon, depending on a couple of things: if i'm going on holiday i'll treat myself, but just for regular maintenance i will use Veet - they're pretty easy to use. in my own little salon i use phd honey wax, which smells good and is easy to use on yourself if you practice a bit.

here's some tips for you all:
♥ if you've never had your underarms waxed, and you think it sounds gross, just try it! i guarantee you'll love the freedom of not shaving them every day, and the beauty of the complete lack of hair shadow or stubble (ew)
♥ if you've never had your bikini waxed, then definitely go have that done: it's cheap, and i don't think there's any other way to keep that particular area tidy...make sure to trim the hairs before you go, and wear nice underwear, and also know how much you want taken off before you go so that you can make sure they do what you want, and you are confident enough to let them
♥ if you are afraid of the pain, it might be helpful to know that most people don't actually find it as bad as they think, and that you will adjust to the type of pain over time, although my underarms always hurt loads, but i cope with it! going to your local salon will be a more pleasant experience for you than trying to do it yourself at home.
♥ always pull against the natural hair line, so that you don't end up with ingrown hairs
♥ don't try to wax on freshly washed skin/hair, as the wax won't grab the hairs well enough
♥ if you have any more questions, please ask me...