Monday, 1 March 2010

potato wedges and a stir fry

todays food has been hearty and delicious. breakfast was hot porridge, with cinnamon, raisins, linseeds and chopped banana on top. i must must try some chocolate porridge, as i think i'm missing a trick there!

for lunch i made some melba toast with the vogels we have in the freezer, and ate it with some AMAZING broad bean houmous my mum made yesterday...yes she beat me to it! its on my 2010 recipes list, and i'm so happy it was, because it is truly delicious. i can't wait to try making my own version.

then, i went out grocery shopping in my local supermarket. i've been trying to add more and more organic varieties to my trolley every time i go, and hoping that the price tag doesn't go way too high. today i spent just under £50 for a full weeks shopping just for two. its a bit pricey, but considering how many staple things we were out of it wasn't bad. i bought dates, almonds and nakd cereal bars just for myself at an extra cost (i am in love with organic medjool dates, after accidentally stumbling across a pack in another supermarket a while back, so so so moreish)

then for dinner we ate some potato wedges, with a stir fry. i've been inspired by so many new bloggers (post about my new faves to come!) to try mixing different vegetables, and to try out new ingredients. can you guess whats in my stir fry?

yep, i knew you'd guess right. mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, soy sauce, red onion, garlic, brussel sprouts and sugar snap peas! ♥

ps. i'm having teff withdrawal symptoms. i need some more. but i can't seem to find any anywhere at a reasonable price?!

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