Tuesday, 2 March 2010

new favorite bloggers

last post i promised to share some of my favorite bloggers with you all...and i'm so excited to let you all know about my current favorite healthy eating blogs!

i've posted about a couple already: healthy indulgences and the whole life nutrition kitchen, both of which i would and could eat everything from. but since finding them, i didn't seem to come across any other amazing food blogs that were actually healthy. until a couple of days ago, when one led me to another, which led me to another, and so on. there does tend to be a chain reaction with these things...i generally go through my fave blogs sidebars in search of recommendations.

so, here are the inspirational ladies (yes, i know, why do i not happen upon healthy blogs written by guys?) that i hope you will all appreciate checking out - i love bloglovin for following blogs - and reading through their recipes and ideas on what healthy eating means to them.
Ok, well that was far more than I thought I had found! I guess that's where all my time disappeared off to last week!!

ps. you may notice a little yoga, wholefoods, radiant skin, vegan, raw theme somewhere in there. but i just find that by reading and following these sort of writers, i feel more inspired to make healthier choices and its a fantastic place to find new ideas too!

pps. i emailed my local Neals Yard Remedies store to ask about maybe doing some yoga or pilates courses, i'm hoping they're not all booked up...!

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout girl! :) excited to start following your blog


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