Wednesday, 10 March 2010

low in the night

going low in the night is something i've been struggling with since i changed my basal rates after the awful january blues i had.

i'm so glad i actually wake up though! the only 'episode' i ever had was during the night, so I'm happy to wake doesn't annoy me at all. i tend to find myself becoming more and more conscious, and then more aware of how hot i am feeling, and then aware of the dizziness i feel as i try to sit up to find some water.

it clicks that i'm low, and although i've always got a snack next to my bed, sometimes i'll get out of bed and have late night toast with some honey instead (snacks can be expensive, so i don't like to eat them unless it's 100% my last option)

sometimes i'll have some lemonade instead, depending on how low i feel, and how tired i am. sometimes i've been known to roll over, fumble for a snack in my handbag, open the packet, and munch very slowly and thoroughly whilst my head is still on the pillow and my eyes are shut. and then once i finish just fall straight back into sleep. i only realise i went low when i have a dodgy taste in my mouth in the morning, and there's an empty packet lying on the floor.

i really hate the fact that i've had disturbed sleep, but i can't quite seem to find the balance, sometimes i'll wake up with an ok level after that, or i'll wake up earlier in the morning with another low.

the reason for these lows is usually exercise, as i don't usually get much of it, and i never remember to adjust my basal rates! perhaps if i exercised more frequently then i would have better control? of course i would. i must put that on my to-do list :)

have you had scary night time experiences, or do you check your levels during the night? - i used to do that, but when i'm really tired i don't hear my alarm to wake up!