Wednesday, 24 March 2010

la vialla

in my first issue of country living there were a million flyers, and one of these flyers caught my attention before the rest went into the recycling, it was for an organic italian farm store called la vialla.

we ordered the product catalogue, and got a little dvd with it, it's one of the most simple and gorgeous package designs i've ever seen, and every page of the catalogue was just brimming with really delicious food. so after much consideration we chose a few of the things to test out, and after a couple of weeks wait we got our box of yummies delivered all the way from italy to our house!

we ordered some honey (chestnut, sunflower and wildflower), spelt pasta (we received 3 different shapes), the rosarosa 2008 wine, a packet of viallini and two bottles of olive oil.

i can't wait to try it all! we have another catalogue, and i'm sure we will be ordering way more stuff with them in the future. can you get better produce than from an organic biodynamic farm in italy?

they sell all sorts of other products; i would love to try their pecorino, grape juice, balsamic vinegar, whole wheat flour, orange olives, artichokes, sweet pepper jam, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, the fragolina, ricotta mousses and the fig jam.

it all looks so good!

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