Monday, 8 March 2010

deglet nour dates + organic food

i took loads of photos at the weekend (i think mum is getting a little sick of 'oh wait, hold on, don't touch that, i MUST take a photograph!') i hope you enjoy checking out some of the delicious things i ate. including a few new discoveries, and an even greater proportion of all this food organic too - thanks to Monsieur Pollan's 'In Defence of Food' - we both have a greater sense of the importance of organic food, and whenever we make food decisions we do stick to them in this house!

♥ ikea senap sild on vogels, with banana and lady grey tea

herbed salmon, asparagus, potato salad, crudites, houmous = FEAST!

maple syrup and pancakes with a cuppa tea

and some blueberry ones too...(i usually just drop some frozen blueberries onto the batter just as it's gone into the pan, mmmm)

meditteranean style lunch with olives, sun dried tomatoes, rankins irish soda bread with organic butter, spanish omelette, parma ham

organic deglet nour dates, our new favorite house staple, we're just trying out different types of dates - all so much more delicious than regular ones, seriously, yum.

flahavans porridge oats made with 1 cup oats, 2 cups water, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a handful of organic sultanas, topped with bananas and honey, plus a cup of green tea with lemon

♥ this is what i had for lunch today at work, pasta salad with vegetables, made yesterday with leftovers from the fridge - yey for pasta being low gi!

♥ broccoli and leek soup with cranks whole wheat bread

rachel's organic rhubarb yogurt with some organic blueberries on top - if you've never had organic blueberries then you're missing out, they actually taste like you've picked them fresh in a forest in sweden (i should know...i did that when i was a little girl!)

i'll be starting a healthy living series on my youtube channel soon, so if you haven't subscribed yet, now would be the time, so you can catch up on my old videos and prepare for the super exciting new ones!!

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