Thursday, 4 March 2010

chester and rufus

because i've decided to try and take more photos of what i eat, yesterday i kept the camera on the table and took photos of literally everything i ate...

♥ chopped banana and apple with honey and raisins, and a cup of green tea

♥ nori rolls with brown rice, avocado, peppers and cucumber - mum covered hers in mayonnaise because she was so afraid of the seaweed

♥ i found some amazing inspiration on some of my new favorite foodie blogs, one being this delicious combo, medjool dates stuffed with peanut butter - yum!

♥ chickpea curry stew - or something like that - it was really tasty actually, with Vogel's Soya and Linseed on the side...

♥ and then a slice of sweet potato brownie, which tastes better and better the longer you leave way better and more squishy and moist.

we've got the fantastic task of dogsitting these two dogs, well actually rufus is a puppy, which is great because it means i'm forced to actually get exercise i really enjoy! it's pretty stressful trying to get work done with these two running around the house, but they are occasionally cute to make up for it. we're to look after them until saturday afternoon...i think it can be done (but not nicely if they wake me up just after 6am every day and continue to wreck the house)

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