Wednesday, 17 March 2010

broad bean hummus

this is such a simple recipe, i can't believe it's not eaten more frequently by more people! it was on my list of recipes for 2010, as i'd come across the idea in a lovely cookbook called river cottage everyday, and this week we had some broad beans in the freezer, so there was nothing stopping me!

it was so so yummy, and we ate the lot with some wholewheat wraps toasted for dippers. it's such a fresh taste, and it's pretty unadulterated. i'm generally not a fan of the texture of broad beans, but whipped up like this it's smooth and just perfect.

broad bean hummus
 - boil a handful of broad beans in salted water until cooked
 - rinse and strain the water off
 - pop the beans out of their shells; they should be a gorgeous bright green colour
 - place the centres in a food processor or bowl for blending up
 - add a little salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice, to taste (i only added a tiny amount of lemon juice)
 - puree until smooth, although it's also quite nice with a few chunks for added texture
 - use as a dip, spread onto hot toast or add to salads

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