Tuesday, 2 February 2010

spanakopita & red cabbage coleslaw

well, at the weekend i managed to cross off another of the items on my 2010 recipes list: spinach and feta spanakopita (from the falling cloudberries cookbook). i made them exactly as the recipe says, and they're pretty easy to make really.

it was so delicious, and they made a great lunchbox treat yesterday at work. it's the kind of food that gets better with age, as the flavours can kind of marinade for a little longer.

here's how i made them:
 - blanched 250g fresh spinach in boiling salted water...i think you could definitely use frozen for this recipe too. take it out after it has wilted, which is not particularly long, and drain. leave to cool and drain on one side.
 - mash together 150g feta cheese with a couple tbsp of dairy-free parmezano, a sprinkle of black pepper, pinch nutmeg and one egg.
 - squeeze every last drop of water out of the spinach - the way i did this was to literally squeeze it between my hands. then chop it up and put it in with the feta. mix it all together until it looks well combined.
 - get out some fillo pastry, i used 6 sheets. melt 90g butter (i used half butter butter, and half soya) and keep to one side. i kept my filo pastry between two damp teatowels throughout the process to stop it from drying out.
 - take one sheet, and brush with melted butter, cut in half and lay one side on top of the other (buttered sides upwards). then cut in half again.
 - put a spoonful of feta and spinach mix at the bottom of these quarters, and start to fold. take one corner over to the other side, and flip up, continue until it's a beautiful triangle. brush all over with butter and lay on a baking tray.
 - go as quickly as you can to complete the rest, and put straight in the oven once you have a full baking tray (make sure it's non stick or lined with greaseproof paper). cook until golden brown. you might want to brush with butter again and turn them over about two thirds of the way through cooking time so they turn super golden and crispy.

the coleslaw i made by: grating two carrots, slicing finely 1/4 red cabbage, 2 sliced salad onions, 3 dessertspoons low fat mayo, 2 dessertspoons wholegrain mustard, and a sprinkle black pepper. YUM! this keeps really well, and is delicious with anything!

ps. i've frozen two of them to see if they freeze well at all...i guess probably not, but you never know! how handy would these be to have in the freezer though ♥

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