Thursday, 4 February 2010

i've been thrifting...have you?

sorry it's been ages since i posted on this blog. that's pretty bad of me. and my excuse is just busy-ness, and lack of anything interesting to write about. i started a new job on monday, and on wednesday too (a different one though!)...i seem to be doing a little bit of everything nowadays, which i like ♥

last saturday i went to see my cousin and have a girly day with her, and it turned out to be awesome fun! we went thrifting in a little village and found a couple of items. i got a teal dress with a beautiful neckline - which i'm sure you'll see in the next couple of posts - and my cousin got a french connection monochrome tweed-ish jacket (both from the £3.95 rail). but more excitingly, on that same rail was this calvin klein denim jacket!!

we could not decide who should have the jacket, and so we came up with the conclusion that we should become the 'cousinhood of the travelling jacket' and share it between ourselves. our rules are simply that when one of us goes to visit the other, the jacket should swap ownership. i don't know how long this'll last before it ends up in just one person's wardrobe, but for now, i get to take care of it, and wear it!!

it's a small, but a ck denim small is still quite we'll be sporting the oversized look until i can be bothered to attempt to take it in - although i kinda like that its oversized right now.

i'm so thankful to have finally found a great place to find some bargains. and am totally up for doing another £5 challenge with my cousin in the not-too-distant future!