Monday, 25 January 2010

A Sweet Treat: Carobio

Yep, this is another of my little odes to particular food cupboard items. This time its a new found favorite, and a very naughty treat, Carobio.

I saw this on the shelves at the health  food shop and just had to try it. I've never actually tried anything with carob in it before, and i guess i was looking for an option that looked appetizing and not tooo health-foodie. So, Carobio was an obvious choice.

And I have not been disappointed at all by it, in fact I think I'm rather addicted. It tastes so good on hot toast, and it melts in the most delicious way, so it's almost like eating melted chocolate-y carob. It's really rich and flavoursome too, and though it's obviously NOT chocolate, it does have the same texture and depth.

As for health benefits, I don't honestly see that there are any, apart from that it's a great alternative for those who can't eat cocoa or dairy.

In comparison to other chocolate type spreads it doesn't fair too badly per 100g:
Protein - 7.3g Carobio, 6.4 Nutella, 4.6 Green&Blacks
Carbs - 42.5g Carobio, 56.4 Nutella, 53.7 Green&Blacks
Fat - 46.1g Carobio, 31g Nutella, 36.4 Green&Blacks
kcal - 592 Carobio, 530 Nutella, 559 Green& Blacks

The ingredients list reads quite well; vegetable oil and fat, corn syrup powder, carob powder (15%), hazelnuts (13%), soy powder, soy lecithin, vanilla. This is the same percentage of nuts as Nutella, but way more carob/chocolate (about twice as much).

And in the carob vs chocolate debate, I am definitely on the fence. Carob has no caffeine in, but cocoa has flavonoids and stearic acid. Carob is alkalinizing, but chocolate is acidic. Carob has a tenth of the fat of chocolate, and way more vitamins too. Plus there's no fermentation process involved.

I suppose I'm still on the hunt for a low GI chocolate spread that tastes really good and is practical too. Perhaps literally melting dark chocolate might work, or making my own ganache with dairy free cream and agave? That sounds really good doesn't it?! Yum.

Well, I will definitely enjoy finishing the jar, but I won't allow myself to buy another one, it is after all ludicrously expensive, and a one-off treat. It's like spreading gold on toast.

Oh, and it's vegan by the way. And organic.

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