Tuesday, 19 January 2010

nutrition kitchen

i don't often post about other blogs on here, i guess that's partly because there aren't a whole lot of super accessible healthy blogs out there that i've found yet...you know, the type where you want to cook everything and know it'll  be good for you. i hope that's what this blog will become eventually.

so, when i found the whole life nutrition kitchen a few weeks ago i was sooo happy! i wanted to wait a while to see whether new posts were regular and as equally yummy as the ones that had gone before it. and i;m happy to say that they are most definitely very tasty looking and healthy too! this will be a regular read for me now...

i've already added their flourless almond cookie recipe to my 2010 recipes list, but i defiinitely want to add some more...
  • quinoa salmon burgers
  • raw cinnamon sunflower truffles
  • candied walnuts

  • chocolate agave frosting

  • thai coconut fish sticks

  • cashew cream

  • dairy free, sugar free strawberry coconut ice cream

  • nori rolls with sticky brown rice

these recipes are interesting and just sound so gooood, i mean dairy and sugar free strawberry and coconut ice-cream...it just doesn't get any better. of course this means i ought to get an ice-cream maker, but i'm sure it was about time anyway!

go to http://www.nourishingmeals.com/ for loads more tasty and healthy recipe ideas! and if you know of one similar that i haven't found yet please let me know ♥

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